Saturday, September 11, 2010

Let's BURN the Quran

Some people find it difficult to stomach the reasons that Pastor Terry Jones gave for burning the Quran. According to him, the invitation to this global libricide has much to do with his thesis that Islam is "a dangerous religion" whose teachings "are from the devil". Well, you can now stomach all you want: we have compiled what we think here are a series of qualms that might have resided in the good pastor's head so that we may all understand his thought-processes.

 My name is Jones – Reverend Terry Jones
The Lord is in my blood – Christianity is in my bones
I’ve come with a message of Love, Peace and Brotherhood
Let us burn the Quran if you know what is truly good

A really foul book this is, most wicked and beastly
Enjoins all sorts of immoral lewdness and obscenity
Delights in all manner of evils, iniquities and vices
And gets a cosmic orgasm, out of human sacrifices

What kind of religion is this that glorifies fornication
Vividly portrays incest, whoredom and sexual seduction
Who forces rape victims to marry their evil perpetrator
And burn people with the feeblest reasons whatsoever

What kind of a God is that, with a countenance most uncouth
Smoke comes out of his nostrils, fire out of his mouth?
Would you worship a God on whose head are horns attached?
Or loses against a mere mortal in a celebrated wrestling match?

What kind of deity is this that speaks out of an eddy
And talks to mankind from the lips of a donkey?
Who wails and howls and go stripped and naked
And teaches that everyone from birth is naturally wicked

And bad news for ladies who so much love penises
Of men and boys and guys who aren’t actually their spouses
This God says thy hands shall, by law, be cut off before long
If you so much touch those wiggly bobbly schlongs

A cantankerous God, at everything he spites
At walls, at pillows and everyone uncircumcised
Angry at shepherds, and women and little kids
And commands a prophet to eat human shit

So let’s burn the Quran for it's full of garbage,
Gets messages across by use of obscene language
A book so outdated in Science and Technology
But excels splendidly in lewdness and pornography

This book defies Zoology by talking about dragons
Of the mutant cockatrice and gaily flying serpents
And unicorns whom we thought are from books of fantasy
Are cryptozoological creatures to be believed in religiously

In the science of Geography this book doesn’t fare much
Talks about a flat earth with a geo-centric touch
But in matters of Medicine it has full of remedies
Of demonic possessions and malignant leprosies

In Sociology this book is an apotheosis of wisdom
You can now at least understand from whence came racism
Lowly blacks and pesky gentiles and slaves by a long haul
The God of this book hates the very mention of them all

Unlike theirs, the Christian God is a gentle one
Ours is made of love, ours made of fun
So let’s burn the Quran: I think we all should
So the world may know true Love, Peace and Brotherhood

Copyrights Reserved by LemanPulut


  1. O please do Reverend Terry Jones
    Never you let that Qur-an alone
    Never on any pretext do peep twice or one
    For fear of expose your closet full of bones
    And exposes the book at armpit of thousands of Terry Jones.

  2. Yes that's why when Bibles are burnt or Jesus mocked in comedy thousands of Christians riot and kill all round the world, unlike the followers of the Religion of Peace, who don't get excited by a few cartoons or a book called Satanic Verses.

    In reality only religion demands pussyfooting or death.

  3. only ONE religion demands pussyfooting or death

  4. Anonymous,

    Sigh ... I agree with you about that pussyfooting and death thing. But the question is, will they ever learn?

    Leman Pulut.

  5. Well, all of the thing you said about the Old Testament have their proper explanation, that is, if you actually bother to search and read them..

  6. These all things which you have mentioned, It is in the bible not in the quran.
    Quran teaches Never lie.Believe in one GOD
    Respect father,mother
    take care of relatives, poor & needy.
    give charity, teaches moral,modesty,do not make mockery others, do not film pornography and witch it, do not kill the feteus.

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  8. It does not matter if it was in the bible or the quran, if ppl open their minds, they'd see it's all bs, Religion was created to control ppl, it doesn't matter who you think or know or proof who did it first. Learn/read more before you talk what you don't know.