Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Allah in the Bible [3]

Final Word 
If you want to know, why it is so
that more and more westerners become atheists
Then pull up your frocks and prepare to be shocked
And click here and download that piece

10:28 Matthew --- defies 22:37 Matthew
And 1 John 4:18 makes it the more confusing
Like what Allah says: His words they add and replace
And those priests performed all the editing

'tis been a predicament, entrenched in the Testaments 
Verses conflicting with one another
Are we suggesting, that that Mighty Being
is the author of all this inconsistent pother ?

This Allah abhors, much less endorse
Anything that alludes to Him having an offspring
And yet pure piffles, in those man-made bibles
They dogmatise that very blasphemous thing

Tell me really. Tell me honestly
All you Pakiams and Lawrences and Jameses
In your silent prayers, your individual masses
Do you honestly sincerely mention Allah's name?

I don't think so, for since eons ago
Since the crusading times and previously
Christendom has sought, Christendom has fought
To obliterate the name of this Muslim Deity

Arab copts use the name. Or so you claim,
And by it you walk an oft-demolished trait.
Are those Sarawakians, all arab christians ?
And why not just use "Tuhan" instead?

So in good faith, let us recapitulate
You want Allah's name in your scripture
We will agree so, if you can show
A Texas gospel with an "Allah" signature

Show me a video, send me an audio
The pope mentioning Allah to his congregations
Did Cardinal Sin, or Reverend Hinn
Call Allah by name in supplications?

Jerry Falwell, far as I can tell
Hates the Allah name to the core
And it sounds silly, Rev Graham, Billy
Prays to Allah while kneeling on the floor?

And you're telling me, Allah is one of three
And He begats, got crucified and dies?
Calling it  fair, you wish to share, 
The Islamic community with these devilish lies?

You can have your names. Your John, Elizabeth and James
And imagine you're a caucasian for all I care
With you we share our nation, Indians, Chinese, Eurasians
But blasphemy is one thing I won't share

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Allah in the Bible [2]

Puzzle of the Cardinals

Now isn't it absurd, that Allah's true words
The Christians reject in favour of His name
From Cyprus to Moldova they'd been using Jehovah
But in Malaysia they try to play a different game?

But it matters least to the local diocese
Proselytizing is actually their hidden intention
With a common Name, it will ease their game
In treacherous efforts of conversion

“But it’s valid”, says Pas’ Khalid
(He’s the faiths-for-votes guy, you see)
Between the King J gospels, and PJ’s hot spells
He had just opened up a new Carlsberg factory

But let’s not all be gloom. But just assume
That the Allah of the Quran is indeed the Christians’
Wouldn’t it be a shame, that you get His name
And yet deny His Quranic admonitions?

Now them Cardinals, keeping doctrinals
Would not be exactly too happy
If Christians start knowing, what this Allah is saying
In verses 19.88-19.93

Without any tricks, verse 5.116
Had better not be read out loudly
For in pure Divine prose, it really shows
Allah speaking to the Christians directly!

If they open up an ear, they would surely hear
What the True Allah is saying in the Qur’an
Biblically damaging, and dogma-a-busting
Found in verse 4.171

These talks of salvations, by baptizations
Allah demolishes in verse 61.6
And still are you game, to share His Name 
If this Allah says Jesus wasn’t screw-ci-fixed?

Was it Allah who taught, that each newborn tot
comes to this world inherited with sin?
Show me if you dare, that Jesus did declare,
"Worship both me and my matrilineal kin"?

There's so much fun Jesus in the Quran
Read for yourself and don't be just a sheeple
Invite me if you care and I will surely share
How even Muhammad is mentioned in the bible

Click here to read your online Quran for references of the above verses.

Ready for Part 3?

Leman Pulut

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Allah in the Bible [1]

The Politics of Name

From Tanah Melayu, a Tale or two
Of a most interesting nature, far as I can tell
Our dear Catholics, to increase Statistics
Wants to have the Allah name as well

The local muslims, patience to the brim
Sees that this is all a ploy
To lure young malays to leave their faiths
And follow the paths of Minah Joy

It is their hope that a malay dope
Be taken in with little white lies
Hopefully they’ll chew everything as true
That Allah is the biological Pa of Christ

Now certain elements, to their detriment…
Are quick to seize upon this plight
Malaysia’s Bishop, he’s really mixed up
Insists to share the Holy Name’s rights

But then the Pope, who holds the rope
And conflict being the least that he desire
Whether to agree, or simply disagree
He’s trapped in this local quagmire

If he says yes, He’ll undergo stress
To print the name Allah in Bibles worldwide
And how could that be, for semantically
“Allah Father of Yesu” just doesn’t sound right

And would they agree, specifically
That we emboss in every ringgit and coin
To stress loud and clear, from Rukunegara
That “Kepercayaan kepada Allah” point

The Rest of the Christian, Denominations
They don’t give a hoot about names
But this case they see, as an opportunity
To make the BN a punchbag of blames

The Lutherans, the Methodists, the Southern Baptists
The Anglicans (and Jehovahs Witness too)
They don’t really care if the Allah name is there
As long as they know who to be dissentful to

Now please appreciate this thing about faith
Is not about dogmas, but about acquiring names
For who would deny, instead of Hong Wong Kai
Its so much cooler if people call you James?

The Maribelle Wongs and the Johnathan Chongs
And the electrifying Maximillian Vadivelloo
In all their bliss they have so wished
“We are now westerners, people. When will you?”

Paper moneys and hindu kavadis
Have given way to communion crackers
"Now at long last we’re now in the same class
As Elvis, as Cher, as the Jonas Brothers"

Leman Pulut

(More fun to come in part 2)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Renaissance Man

First of all, LemanPulut would like to apologize for the lackadaisical manner in which this blog is updated. Between business trips and built-in procrastinates inherent in me, the following was concocted about 30,000 ft up in the air. Perhaps it was lack of oxygen ...

The Renaissance man, well he intends
To grab some chair in Putrajaya
But as of late, failed to calculate
The fatal repercussions of Tivoli Villa

The Renaissance man, without a plan
Is worse than a snake without a bite
For one can tell, an asp’s head or tail
But the latter has truly no end in sight!

The Renaissance man, see if he can
Hold on a bit longer onto freedom
One liwat case, queer sexual taste
And all performed without a condom

The Renaissance man, like the Ku Klux Klan
The masks clearly conceal the bluff
But what can one say, the tastes of a gay
Triggered by a mere mention of curry-puffs

The Renaissance man, he’s lost all sense
And thanks in part to Khalid Jefri
Even Mat Sabu, that YB gebu
Endears him with the title “al-Juburi”

The Renaissance man, all of his friends
Had all done and left him bit by bit
This is straining to those still remaining
Unsure if they’re on, off, or still in on it!

The Renaissance man, builds castles out of sand
And christen them the Pakatan Riot
Many applications, to join Reformations
And the biggest fish: chubby-faced Zaid

The Renaissance man, he now pretends
That everything is still under control
But then Wikileaks, provided a peek
Of an amorous rendezvous with coffee-boy Saiful

The Renaissance man, he prefers a man
A behaviour most obnoxious and uncouth
Very unbecoming, for one presiding
 Over the World Assembly of Muslim Youth

The Renaissance man, who was once so grand
Now preparing to dive into disgrace
Even Karpal Singh, wheelchaired lion king
“Dia mesti bertaubat” said he with an about-face

 The Renaissance man, with Karpal on defense
 And Azmin and Azizah and all PKR troops
But Ummi Hafilda, our Waltzing Matilda
Checkmates them all with one fell swoop

The Renaissance man, pseudo holy-man
God’s gift to us all, to be more precise
But can you explain, in language most plain
 How his DNA landed in Saiful’s orifice?

The Renaissance man, his political span
All in shambles due to a night of bliss
Even Lee Kuan Yee, Singapore’s Mentor-ree,
Delights in Saiful’s juicy trysts

The Renaissance man, as any renaissance can
The lesson learnt is plain and clear
Don’t let Lee Kuan Yew, go and Lee Wat you
And let things happen that once happened to the brader

The Renaissance man, he nears his end
Clinging only onto a thread of time
Sg Buloh’s a-calling, old age a-beckoning
And I just wrote that last one up because it rhymes!