Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Allah in the Bible [3]

Final Word 
If you want to know, why it is so
that more and more westerners become atheists
Then pull up your frocks and prepare to be shocked
And click here and download that piece

10:28 Matthew --- defies 22:37 Matthew
And 1 John 4:18 makes it the more confusing
Like what Allah says: His words they add and replace
And those priests performed all the editing

'tis been a predicament, entrenched in the Testaments 
Verses conflicting with one another
Are we suggesting, that that Mighty Being
is the author of all this inconsistent pother ?

This Allah abhors, much less endorse
Anything that alludes to Him having an offspring
And yet pure piffles, in those man-made bibles
They dogmatise that very blasphemous thing

Tell me really. Tell me honestly
All you Pakiams and Lawrences and Jameses
In your silent prayers, your individual masses
Do you honestly sincerely mention Allah's name?

I don't think so, for since eons ago
Since the crusading times and previously
Christendom has sought, Christendom has fought
To obliterate the name of this Muslim Deity

Arab copts use the name. Or so you claim,
And by it you walk an oft-demolished trait.
Are those Sarawakians, all arab christians ?
And why not just use "Tuhan" instead?

So in good faith, let us recapitulate
You want Allah's name in your scripture
We will agree so, if you can show
A Texas gospel with an "Allah" signature

Show me a video, send me an audio
The pope mentioning Allah to his congregations
Did Cardinal Sin, or Reverend Hinn
Call Allah by name in supplications?

Jerry Falwell, far as I can tell
Hates the Allah name to the core
And it sounds silly, Rev Graham, Billy
Prays to Allah while kneeling on the floor?

And you're telling me, Allah is one of three
And He begats, got crucified and dies?
Calling it  fair, you wish to share, 
The Islamic community with these devilish lies?

You can have your names. Your John, Elizabeth and James
And imagine you're a caucasian for all I care
With you we share our nation, Indians, Chinese, Eurasians
But blasphemy is one thing I won't share


  1. love ur pieces bro LemanPulut!

  2. Leman Pulut, I love you..... lol

  3. Zaza, you are a woman no doubt but please don't say such things to me in here. I have run out of XL-sized gourds.


  4. whatever do you need the gourds for ?