Family Album

This is Leman Pulut's Siblings. Of course, in our family, 
intellect come in different shapes and sizes. From Right to Left: 
Budin Bisul, Alwi Endot, Leman Pulut, Mail Semput and a neighbour

Here, Cousin Udin Kulop shows his vast Intellect as compared to 
Suman Sumbing, who didn't even pass his SPM

Our half-brother and adopted family member Kassim Wong is the manja one in the family, and always gets what he wants. Rumours that say Uncle Usop found him abandoned near the highway is not true. It was near the river. 

Uncle RahimBapoo with wife TipahGayut, whom he had to marry unwantedly because, it is said, he had terlanjur. I dont know about you but I have never seen such a hideous creature. It's like the beauty and the beast. But this is family dignity, you know. I will cut off the throat of anyone who says my auntie's a beast.

Grandpa Pandak Ahmad, the Grand Old Man of the Clan. Word has it that he fought a lion single handedly, tricked the devil in a game of gin rummy and once circumnavigated the earth in 24 hours merely by running as fast as he could while keeping the sun above his head at all times.   
My Brother Isa Kontot trying his hand at Technology, which he finds to be a breeze. (That expression on his face is our family folks way of conveying "This is Pure Kacang!"). When he came home, he boasted of how he manouvered the machine in 350mph gale using just the steering and his penis gourd.