Friends and Enemies

I hate it when the family across the river comes and visit, primarily because each and every single one of them voted for the opposition! Tawil Mala'un, (inset picture), had to cut his you-know-what when, upon one sumpah laknat, couldn't get to be tribal chief by September 16th.

Sometimes they would send spies to mingle with us. Here's a picture of one. Stayed with us for almost a year and darn! We could not even DISCERN between him and us because he was so much like us. We couldn't tell the difference. Until Pa KasimKunyit spotted with his keen eyes the miniscule anomaly: the nail of his pinky finger was grey! Good old Pa!
 Our nasty neighbours.

Don't be taken in. These are dear friends of mine, but they are not as intellectual as they seem. Some people have the talent to just exaggerate and blow out of proportions whatever teeny weeny brainpower they have but in actuality, their IQS are just digits you mention by the centimeters. 
 This is Elijah. We didn't suspect anything of him initially but later on realized that he was trying to preach to us! He has this strange religion that he was trying to convert us to, where you have to believe that when you were born, you are already sinful, unless you bath yourself in some river or something and if not, you will be made to enter some kind of fiery pit for all eternity. Now that was mightily strange and superstitious! Bro Dol Keropok (second from left) got upset and chased Elijah out of the kampung with his parang, never to be seen again. "First he tells that God has a Son. Next what, that He married and has a wife?" he muttered while sheathing his parang back in.