Family Tree

Our family starts from grandpa ThePurelyPugilisticPandakAhmad who married nana TheSultrouslySagaciousEmbokEsah. 
          During those times, when families were busy naming their kids with names like Danial this or Shereen that, or Linda this or Farah that, grandpa had other thoughts. No Sir. He wasn't going to name us kids with those names that remind you of characters that pop-out from "The Waltons" or "Gilligan's Islands". No Sir.
          He went and smack named us with names that we could be proud of, and darn added to those names some adjectives that best described us. No Sir.
          I think we are made up of names. Names are what we go by, and names are what make us. So yes sir, we Pandak Ahmad famiy are proud of our names, and we will continue naming our kids with names that won't, in a hundred years, adorn only the pages of Sejarah Melayu" or the like. Well, uncle ThePertinentlyPertinacious-RahimBapoo and TheKonvincinglyKelakarKasimKunyit each got married and begat more children:- Tipah Gayut married uncle Rahim, and Pa Kassim Kunyit had his eyes on Pe'ah, who, naturally of course, became my mom. :