Saturday, January 22, 2011

Allah in the Bible [2]

Puzzle of the Cardinals

Now isn't it absurd, that Allah's true words
The Christians reject in favour of His name
From Cyprus to Moldova they'd been using Jehovah
But in Malaysia they try to play a different game?

But it matters least to the local diocese
Proselytizing is actually their hidden intention
With a common Name, it will ease their game
In treacherous efforts of conversion

“But it’s valid”, says Pas’ Khalid
(He’s the faiths-for-votes guy, you see)
Between the King J gospels, and PJ’s hot spells
He had just opened up a new Carlsberg factory

But let’s not all be gloom. But just assume
That the Allah of the Quran is indeed the Christians’
Wouldn’t it be a shame, that you get His name
And yet deny His Quranic admonitions?

Now them Cardinals, keeping doctrinals
Would not be exactly too happy
If Christians start knowing, what this Allah is saying
In verses 19.88-19.93

Without any tricks, verse 5.116
Had better not be read out loudly
For in pure Divine prose, it really shows
Allah speaking to the Christians directly!

If they open up an ear, they would surely hear
What the True Allah is saying in the Qur’an
Biblically damaging, and dogma-a-busting
Found in verse 4.171

These talks of salvations, by baptizations
Allah demolishes in verse 61.6
And still are you game, to share His Name 
If this Allah says Jesus wasn’t screw-ci-fixed?

Was it Allah who taught, that each newborn tot
comes to this world inherited with sin?
Show me if you dare, that Jesus did declare,
"Worship both me and my matrilineal kin"?

There's so much fun Jesus in the Quran
Read for yourself and don't be just a sheeple
Invite me if you care and I will surely share
How even Muhammad is mentioned in the bible

Click here to read your online Quran for references of the above verses.

Ready for Part 3?

Leman Pulut

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