Thursday, January 20, 2011

Allah in the Bible [1]

The Politics of Name

From Tanah Melayu, a Tale or two
Of a most interesting nature, far as I can tell
Our dear Catholics, to increase Statistics
Wants to have the Allah name as well

The local muslims, patience to the brim
Sees that this is all a ploy
To lure young malays to leave their faiths
And follow the paths of Minah Joy

It is their hope that a malay dope
Be taken in with little white lies
Hopefully they’ll chew everything as true
That Allah is the biological Pa of Christ

Now certain elements, to their detriment…
Are quick to seize upon this plight
Malaysia’s Bishop, he’s really mixed up
Insists to share the Holy Name’s rights

But then the Pope, who holds the rope
And conflict being the least that he desire
Whether to agree, or simply disagree
He’s trapped in this local quagmire

If he says yes, He’ll undergo stress
To print the name Allah in Bibles worldwide
And how could that be, for semantically
“Allah Father of Yesu” just doesn’t sound right

And would they agree, specifically
That we emboss in every ringgit and coin
To stress loud and clear, from Rukunegara
That “Kepercayaan kepada Allah” point

The Rest of the Christian, Denominations
They don’t give a hoot about names
But this case they see, as an opportunity
To make the BN a punchbag of blames

The Lutherans, the Methodists, the Southern Baptists
The Anglicans (and Jehovahs Witness too)
They don’t really care if the Allah name is there
As long as they know who to be dissentful to

Now please appreciate this thing about faith
Is not about dogmas, but about acquiring names
For who would deny, instead of Hong Wong Kai
Its so much cooler if people call you James?

The Maribelle Wongs and the Johnathan Chongs
And the electrifying Maximillian Vadivelloo
In all their bliss they have so wished
“We are now westerners, people. When will you?”

Paper moneys and hindu kavadis
Have given way to communion crackers
"Now at long last we’re now in the same class
As Elvis, as Cher, as the Jonas Brothers"

Leman Pulut

(More fun to come in part 2)

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