Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Renaissance Man

First of all, LemanPulut would like to apologize for the lackadaisical manner in which this blog is updated. Between business trips and built-in procrastinates inherent in me, the following was concocted about 30,000 ft up in the air. Perhaps it was lack of oxygen ...

The Renaissance man, well he intends
To grab some chair in Putrajaya
But as of late, failed to calculate
The fatal repercussions of Tivoli Villa

The Renaissance man, without a plan
Is worse than a snake without a bite
For one can tell, an asp’s head or tail
But the latter has truly no end in sight!

The Renaissance man, see if he can
Hold on a bit longer onto freedom
One liwat case, queer sexual taste
And all performed without a condom

The Renaissance man, like the Ku Klux Klan
The masks clearly conceal the bluff
But what can one say, the tastes of a gay
Triggered by a mere mention of curry-puffs

The Renaissance man, he’s lost all sense
And thanks in part to Khalid Jefri
Even Mat Sabu, that YB gebu
Endears him with the title “al-Juburi”

The Renaissance man, all of his friends
Had all done and left him bit by bit
This is straining to those still remaining
Unsure if they’re on, off, or still in on it!

The Renaissance man, builds castles out of sand
And christen them the Pakatan Riot
Many applications, to join Reformations
And the biggest fish: chubby-faced Zaid

The Renaissance man, he now pretends
That everything is still under control
But then Wikileaks, provided a peek
Of an amorous rendezvous with coffee-boy Saiful

The Renaissance man, he prefers a man
A behaviour most obnoxious and uncouth
Very unbecoming, for one presiding
 Over the World Assembly of Muslim Youth

The Renaissance man, who was once so grand
Now preparing to dive into disgrace
Even Karpal Singh, wheelchaired lion king
“Dia mesti bertaubat” said he with an about-face

 The Renaissance man, with Karpal on defense
 And Azmin and Azizah and all PKR troops
But Ummi Hafilda, our Waltzing Matilda
Checkmates them all with one fell swoop

The Renaissance man, pseudo holy-man
God’s gift to us all, to be more precise
But can you explain, in language most plain
 How his DNA landed in Saiful’s orifice?

The Renaissance man, his political span
All in shambles due to a night of bliss
Even Lee Kuan Yee, Singapore’s Mentor-ree,
Delights in Saiful’s juicy trysts

The Renaissance man, as any renaissance can
The lesson learnt is plain and clear
Don’t let Lee Kuan Yew, go and Lee Wat you
And let things happen that once happened to the brader

The Renaissance man, he nears his end
Clinging only onto a thread of time
Sg Buloh’s a-calling, old age a-beckoning
And I just wrote that last one up because it rhymes!