Monday, February 21, 2011

The Humour Intermission [delta]

Well here we are again. Things are slow moving, sodomy court cases postponed, TBH murderer keeps on sipping White Tea in White Coffee Kopitiam, not many MPs as we had hoped for have died (so we may again enjoy the spectacles of PRKs). So just to while away the time, how about we just go for:

Leman Pulut's Favourite Before and After Story 

First and foremost, everybody's favourite Barbarian Governor.
The before pic had Maria Shriver Kennedy shrivelling in her knees, and the after pic looks like someone ought to be TERMINATED.
But will those biceps be back? Hasta La Vista baby. Dream on!

And ooh lala who do we have here?
Malaysia's Rockiest Ustaz.
So far and counting we have personalities like Amy Search, Bob Kuman, Azmil and a few others donning the born-again garbs. Coolest. How about a 2011 Rockers-for-Religion Reunion Concert? That will leave the Nasyid groupies trailing far, far behind. My best bet on who's next: Afdlin Shauky. I mean, I think a serban would look nice on him too, don't you?

Now lest everone is mistaken, these are two different photographs of two different people. The left one is a picture of a young, unkown yuppie surau-vangelist making rounds in the early 70's burning a heart or two with fiery Islamic speeches. The SECOND one is, make no mistake about it, God's great gift to a languishing malay political world. They just so happen to share the same first name is all there is to it. Or second.

Err this next one I am having a little bit of trouble pinpointing. Can someone tell me which is the before pic and which is the after pic, pray tell?

Ok the next few photos we are talking about heroes. First and foremost, this couple right here: Now not only is this couple exemplary in leaderships and statemanships, but also in the field of matrimony as well. Unlike some PAS biggies (and UMNO ones too, ok) who have  like 2, 3 cawangan parti scattered all over, this couple choose to stick together through thick and thin.

We also have a hero in the form of our National unbeaten bodybuilder:

Listen to his interviews. Quite heart-warming.

But perhaps nothing beats the story about the odd couple below. This I got from RBF's website. He tells the story of how during the "konfrontasi" era between Malaysia and Indonesia and Sukarno in the 60's expounded his "Ganyang Malaysia" ideology, a group of young turks from Kuala Lumpur expressed their disdain by demonstrating in front of the Indonesian Embassy, who obviously got scared and shut it down. That's when these two brash young fellows climbed up the embassy, and replaced the Indonesian flag with our own. The name of these two fearless warriors?
 Khalid Yunus and Samy Vellu, who both later became MPs. I salute both of you bro. Dato' Khalid, my dad kirim salam. Love your jogging sneakers. And Ayoyo Samy, Gua and all Malaysians alike ... we all caya sama lu! Here's what the two warriors look like right now:

Looks like Samy is still figuring out how to untie that Reef knot!

And lastly, to cap it all up, how about we have a before-and-after reformasi settings. The picture on the left was during the reformasi heydays of 1998, where the ousted DPM-cum-sodomee-suspect mustered crowds of thirty thousand upwards. On the right is Reformasi in its latest incarnation where the crowd was about thirty ... period.


  1. Go Leman Pulut go. Keep on bashing the old gay.

  2. You should really write for Malaysian stand up comedy.