Monday, July 11, 2011

Humor Intermission (Epsilon): Not Neccessarily The News (of Bersih)

People have got it all wrong.

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

Often a times, some photojournalists publish some pictures in either electronics or printed media, and they NEVER EVER get things right by way of captions. Sometimes I see the captions do not match the photos AT ALL. Where DO these photojournalists get their diplomas from? It's wrong captions like these
that give newspapermen bad names.

As just an example, during the recent Bersih rally with photographs splashed all over the internet, do they get the captions right? Nooooooooooooooooooo.

Leman would like to school some of these photojournalists. In this page, Leman displays his immense skill of dotting the i's, crossing the t's and putting the correct captions onto some photographs that would otherwise be immensely wonderful. Read, and be schooled. And as an exercise, go to the last photo and tell Leman how would you all captionize that photo.

Let it be some kind of competition. The winner with the best captions will get a Rolls Royce (just in case the look-alike contest fail to find a winner).

Second Photo:-

Third Photo:


Seventh, and this is where you come in. How would captionize these, Lemanese, Lemanettes?:


  1. 1. Ana terima nikahnye Siti Ambiga Seri Nirvana-San Abdullah dengan mas kahwinnye 40 sen hutaaaaaang. 30 sen sebab Siti Ambiga tu seksi, Tuan Kadi dan 10 sen tu sebab muka saya muka 10 sen aje. Sah?

    2. Anwar grimaces in pain while recollecting the harrowing moments he went through during the 9th July Bersih rally when he was injured during the alleged scuffle with the Police.
    Addressing a crowd of 10 clueless people he said, " I thought I was going to die that day. The minute my foot slipped into that pothole and I fell then I realised that Ambiga's backside landed on my face..." and here he stopped and buried his head in his hands...."ohhhh the horror of it. I still have nightmares and wake up screaming thinking of how nasty that butt was." He left soon after and cannot be reached for any comments.

    3. Firemen earlier today rescued a distraught woman from jumping of a bridge over Sg Kayu Ara Damansara. While stradling an outer railing of the bridge, she was heard saying the name Leman Pulut over and over again. She was later sent to Hospital Tanjung Rambutan for further evaluation. Meanwhile, this reporter was told that the PJ police is very keen to contact the said Leman Pulut to help them in the investigation. Any information on this person is greatly appreciated and will be rewarded handsomely.

    Please keep the Rolls Royce. I'd rather a Joy. Tq.


  2. NZain,

    Shhhhh!!!! Why laaaa must you say things loudly here. Now semua orang dah tahu.

    It is not true, ok, that I promised to marry her. Tak kan baru belanja secawan teh tarik kat "Zainuddin Maju Nasi Kandar" dah entitle to "put the rein in on me".

    And I swear upon my grandma's grave that the kid wasn't mine.

  3. Yeah I thought that kid up there looked familiar....sepusat sepusing.

    Since I'm the only entrant for your kinda pathetic competition I guess I won!!!!! *wheee clap clap*

    So....? Mana presen?