Thursday, August 11, 2011

An Announcement

My Cousin, TheCorruptiouslyObnoxiousSumanSumbing, has grown envy of me. Noticing that my popularity grows by leaps and bounds on my website (well, uhh.. about 2 or 3 visitors per posting!) he too would like to set up a website of his own.

And that he did exactly, and you can visit it now. It's called PlatoInParody.

To tell you the truth, I don't think his website is as good as mine. In fact I dont think it's any good at all.  SumanSumbing is always trying to outdo me in everything, and thank God, I am superior to him in all tenets: in Goodlooks, In bravery and in the size of my ... you know, Intellect.

The following is a picture of Suman my cousin and you can verify yourself that I whatever I tell about him is true.

Anyway, family is family. So you go and visit his website now won't you. And give a little but of support to my irksome, nettlesome, troublesome cousin, Suman Sumbing.

Leman Pulut.


  1. I've only recently discovered you. And I love you already. Please keep it coming.

    Your cuz is funny (ha ha funny) too. Humour runs in the family, izzit?


  2. leman, i've linked Plato's to my list. apasal i takleh leave a comment there?


  3. leman,

    you're right! your cousin suman is not handsome but he's as bright & cunningly crazy as you!