Sunday, August 15, 2010


(First published in RockyBru (Whose DNA?), July 30, 2009)

What to do now that the DNA
Have denied us to shout “Foul Play!”
But one Tan something Boon
Have made himself one nasty goon
By asking advice from that GobindoYennadey

Now one fellow by the name Ronnie Liu
He shouts, he swears, and he tendang pintu
But he conveniently forgot
He’s UnderWorld’s big shot
As alleged by that MP Wee something Choo

So now we have come this far in this case
A murder turned into a conflict of race
But as in the Prison Ketuk Ketampi
Not a chinese, but a malay from Jambi
Its always been political-mileaging DAP in the first place.

And we have one hundred willing DNA volunteers
And some DAP members thought of as racketeers
But upon being asked to submit
Their DNA, why they threw a tantrum fit
Courtesy of Gobind Deo Singh, Supreme DAP Bandolier

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  1. That is a good picture of you using minyak ikan lenang or minyak lintah?