Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Trail of Two Trials

A tale I relate so you can all be sure
About two trials broadcasted most
The deeds and exploits of Dua Singh berkeluarga
Father, Son and Holy Toast

The Beng Huat Case: now this is queer, you see
From the 14th floor, down he came a flyin’
Whether he’s murdered, or simply a suicidee
He’s now in heaven, hell, or somewhere in between

Now as quick as buick comes the Khalsa son
Equipped with evidences that had undergone demolitions
To finger point the gomen he finds so much fun
Truths being the least of his intentions

Miss Pornthip-she’s the one with the spiky ‘do
Came all the way from the Redlight City
From a mere look at a photo or two
“Foulplay!” she concludes conclusively

Now there’s talk about a suicide prose
A note preceding the flying fraca
Written in Cantonese most clear and verbose
The MACC’s Natural Lingua Franca … (not!)

Whether it be genuine whether it be true
Gobind is all set to discredit said letter
Rogue councillors or Underworld’s Ronnie Lieuw
Are all irrelevant, points the Swashbuckler

Now Gobind’s father, the wheelchaired buckaroo
He counsels Anwar in the liwat case
In case you are not up to date in Malaysia’s who’s-who
That’s the politician with the queer sex taste

In all irrelevant manner Karpal had pointed
Saiful didn’t Mandi Wajib after the alleged incident
Smart though he was, he really had alluded
Anwar did sodomize under his own admission

Love-struck attorneys and two-wifed counselors
Became the object of Karpal’s contentions
But won’t you do the same, if, in order to deter
Find that you’ve run out of defensive motions?

Are they smart, are they nincompoops?
That’s the question puzzling analysts
From MC’ed counsels to glitches and bloops
These two use the stupidest strategies

To lead main roles in a courtroom drama
Dua Singh Berkeluarga are sent from heaven
What we get instead, oh holy mama
Are Banghra performances by two comedians

And thus boys and girls, it is imminent
That in this troubling times and age
Should you want some poetic soothing liniment
Drop by once a while in Leman Pulut’s page!


  1. Leman Pulut, pandainya you bergurindam irama.
    Sungguh syahdu and merdu....

    Err, itu Pornthip boleh caya tak?

    Anyway, congrats ....your blog is cute and beautiful! :)

  2. The Bee

    Ermmm .... ini "The Bee" yang yk terkenal tu ke.

    Kalau iya ... salam ramadhan dan aidil fitri.

  3. Hi Pakcik Dal,

    Yup, it is me, the one and only.

    Salam Ramadhan and Aidil Fitri to you, Pakcik (and Family).

    PS......went to your blog but unable to comment, how come?

  4. Terima kasih.

    Tak pasti mengapa. Nanti saya tanya my technician satD. Pakcik kan buta IT. Jangan risau asalkan The Bee sihat dan 'afiat.