Friday, August 20, 2010

I am DAP [1]

Me, an Untouchable

(First published in RockyBru (Closing One Eye On Corruption...), August 2, 2010, 7:41AM)

I am DAP. You can’t touch me
All our party members do no crime
From coast to coast, what we fear most
Is going to Kajang doing time.
Now never fear. All that you hear
About Underworld, about Ronnie and all
Are nothing more than UMNO’s score
It’s as clear as those writings on the wall

We started off clean. But then the Queen
Decided to knight our own Jeffrey Wong
But calling him Sir, caused a bit of a stir
And 2 rights, it seems, CAN make a wrong

Now don’t you ever mock. Tee Boon Hock
And our sanctimonious Letterheads
We’re not rejects. We use ‘em for projects
Why don’t you all kacau Mat Sabu instead.

We dug those sands with our very own hands
And we’re just using them to build sandcastles
But all this commotion, about sand corruption
Is unnerving our Singaporean vassals

But what gels our schlongs: Betty Wong
I know. She’s not even DAP
But if you look closely, you can clearly see
The results of our very own SOP
YB Mike can take a hike
In his qualms about Kumpulan Semesta
Should spend an evening treated as a king
In our own China-mari massage parlour

We’ve a way of handling any whistleblowing
And Teoh Beng Hock shoulda known better
Even Ting Peng, Lim – got his chances dimmed
When he shopped for one DAP parliamenter
I am DAP. Hear me Pee
I'm the Jinjang Joe warned by your mother
I continue to exist, as long as there is
One malay PAS and PKR sympathizer



  1. You look like the Coca cola Man in the movie The God Must be Crazy, Haha

  2. Yop, Thanks. There's more where that came from.

    Anon 7:55, how sure can you be I am not?



  3. The untouchable eh.....

    I remember during my student days...a female friend went for a date at the movie to watch The Untouchable...

    When she came back...we asked was her date. Disappointingly She told us...the movie was The Untouchable ..not me! stupid jerk.

    You see...there are things or objects that are meant to be touched.