Monday, August 16, 2010

The Sodomee Quatrains

(First published in Sakmongkol (On Anwar Ibrahim)
7 August 2010, 7:35 AM July 16, 2009, 7:57PM)

Oh me oh my did I sodo-my
That’s for all you guys to figure out, you see
But I have managed to inflict carnage
On you, on them, on this DPP

Now it’s been age-old, and this boy Saiful
It’s not that he’s absolutely clean, you see
But then sort of - push gets into shove
We had always been using KY-Jelly

It was sexual but was it consensual?
That’s a game you’d like to see through finals

But as a clue I will guide you through:
The bliss was indeed purely anal

The consternations on my ejaculations:
For this you have got to be fair
Cos in your right mind how could you find
My DeoxyriboNucleicAcid in there?

Now Sodo One: that was so much fun
Had it not been for Khalid Jaafar
Sukma, Anees, that was so much bliss
And Azizan and me really went far

I nearly bent when my flair for men
Was exposed in parliament by Karpal Singh
But luckily that pesky Benggali
Is now counsel in my court hearing

I make a stand that my working men
And all my coffee boys are cute
I guarantee they’ll like my SOP
Plus my banana passion fruit

Wolfowitz, Gore, they are such a bore
Cos they are all heteros and straight
But then give me, boys in bikini
And it will increase my metabolic rate

So the lesson, to be well learnt
Is that in our good old nation state
If you have a passion for sodomization
You are just as good as dead.


Sodomee Postscript

It seems that err… I made a blunder
In names I sometimes get blurry
That particular Khalid, the one of late
Isn’t Khalid Jaafar, but Khalid Jeffry!

The AnnoyinglyAnonymousLemanPulut


  1. Anwar GAY tua Melayu yg paling tua masih belum bertaubat. Liwat tetap liwat. Kesian kepada penyokongnya yg mengaku pandai tetapi kena tipu dgn GAY tua totok tak sedar diri nak mampus. Nuar the NateBrok

  2. rasa kuat pasal ramai org backing dia termasuklah tok2 guru. dunia oh dunia!