Friday, August 27, 2010

I am DAP [2]

Me, You and Mummy Foo

I am DAP. Who can touch me?
I can question malay rights and that's not bias
As far as I can tell, I'll only raise hell
If the Ketuk Ketampi girl is chinese and not other-wias

It's true that our Supremo, has a li'l scandalissimo
Not sure if I wanna say it, not sure that I should
But let me plainly tell you, sultry Miss Mummy Foo
Is all that I need to reassure my manhood

That's why I say, in any brief foray
Let's stop this Foo-thing once and for all
But when someone mentioned, in a parliamentary session
It kinda froze my bladder gall

You gotta leave it to us, leave a trail of ruckus
For we are masters of political trickery
But that spy-camera bloop, oversight from our group
How were we to know they didn't change the battery?

It's not that we are clean, and if, by all means
We have a chance to loot, we definitely will
We pitch bale against hay, malay against malay
And fan the Indians against them, just for thrills

We tried to spin the line, 'bout May13 1969
Portrayed UMNO as evil perpetrators
But then this old fart, by the pesky name of Jebat
Exposed us for what we are: true-blue malay haters

None of us were here, I know, 100 years ago or so
All of our grandpas having rowed to this place
But we really do not care, if you think we're unfair
We demand that 30% is too much for the malays

 Now over in Perak there, the Ngeh-Nga cousin pair
They and us were really having a ball
We tried to abolish, but instead got demolished
PAS and PKR and Nizar and all

Now I just couldn't resist, to mention another piece
In Ramadhan your mosques are full of Barokah
So what would be so wrong if Miss Kok or Miss Wong
Speak a little after your solat-Isya Haloqah?

We're mostly chinamen but dont ride on that sentiment,
We have much-sacrificed and we have long-fought
We will get Lee Kuan Yew, to nonchalantly lee-wat you
And take in Johore as well, as an afterthought

So why you worry, we are DAP?
It's not like we don't look good becoming king
Don't be sourgrapes, even your own khatibs
Pray for our Dear Leader's Well being

Whether I'm nasty or nice, let me give you a piece of advice
Let us just end things peacefully
If you raise further ado, no choice I'd have to slap you
With poem "I am DAP" Number [3]



  1. A bull frog lost in despair
    From China no trappings nor care
    DAP bottoms for sale like China green pear
    Forcing Malaysian traffic for coins to spare.

  2. I'am not DAP 2
    but i'am a malaysian 1
    although on ships my ancestor came
    my roots i never 4get
    not like those pak indon
    eat lemang n call themselves malay
    (after 2 generations)
    or those mamak who eat pulut
    n declare themselves malay 2
    4get your roots n your ancestor.....
    melayu cepat lupa
    oops indon n mamak cepat lupa
    apanama ?